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I don't know where to put it so let's do it here. 3.15b introduced a bug in SM_Channel, because SM_FindSpell returns 2 values needed by GetSpellCooldown you have to do this : function SM_Channel(spell) local cf = CastingBarFrame; local sp,sb = SM_FindSpell(spell); if ( not sp ) then return; end local cd = GetSpellCooldown(sp,sb); if ( not cf.channeling and cd<=1.5 ) then cast(spell); end end
I got a bug from Supermacro. I made a macro for my warlock to cast sb and apply curses. Worked on the first few tries, but then I had the following problems: The macro icon couldn't be dragged to my toolbar. The macro replaced the first spell I clicked after that with itself while maintaining the spell's icon. the macro works when I have Supermacro open, but not if it's closed.
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