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simcraft-wotlk-modified_v2.zip28.14 MB

Modified version of simcraft for wotlk (3.3.5), compiled from sources (included).

- fixed webkit crash (by removing obsolete wowhead and wowarmory functionality)
- instead of using wowhead for importing item stats (because they are squashed), use (default) and (ptr) instead.



Hey, was sent this link by Turanius, no real experience with sym software but it seems like it closes itself every time i try and do anything, Also Simc.exe doesn't really open anything, a box pops up for a second and dissapears. He did say there was a bugg with it but i'm unsure if it's this. Am I doing something wrong? if not Where can I find the updated version when it gets fixed? Feel free to message me on sunwell angrathar, ig name is dgrayx

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