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Modern quest helper


After weeks of additional development, Questie v1.0 is finally out, lots has changed since the last version, so much that the original post and youtube video is no longer accurate.

Currenly, Questie uses Cartographer for world map waypoints, and it's own internal minimap system to display waypoints on the minimap. It makes use of some data dumped from the 2.4.3 QuestHelper, and some data scraped from various vanilla wowhead clones. All the development is public and available on github, and any bug reports or contributions there are more than welcome!


  • Please use the GitHub issue tracker to report bugs (link at the bottom)
  • A tutorial on how to submit buglogs (for bugged quests) to us will be on wiki (GitHub) soon
  • Cartographer by default enables non-fullscreen world map, and automatically reveals the full map even if you haven't explored it, to disable this:
    Fullscreen: click Cartographer on the world map -> look and feel -> enable/disable
    Reveal all: click Cartographer on the world map -> foglight -> enable/disable

Here are some example images of what Questie can do:




Cool addon


How to drag quest outline from the center of the screen?

I understood! To drag the outline you just need to pick it by the transparent frame.

i cant get the addon to work, i downloaded the file , unziped and put it in addons folder, but nothing ingame.

Once you've extracted the file, right click it and from the dropdown menu, select rename. Remove "-master" from the name and hit enter. Then, add to the addons folder.

To get the correct version you need to follow the GitHub and grab the new 2.0 Vanilla. The old version is not showing up on some private servers like Nostalrius for some reason.

i hope that it works just starting


not working on Nostalrius, i ahve tryied deleting the -master, and adding ! sinmbol in front of the name but the qesti isnt showing up in addon in game...

@emirez you have to put ONLY "!Questie" folder (with the !Questie.toc in it!) in your AddOns folder, not the hole thing with the readmes and the "JavaRefactorProject"..

1. Download from:

2. extract and open it

3. copie ONLY the "!Questie" folder in your AddOn folder

4. login and check if enabled

you dont have to rename anything! works fine on Nostalrius!!

Tip for Free:

AddOns ONLY work if its >>> \Interface\AddOns\!Questie\!Questie.toc




NOT !Questie\!Questie\!Questie.toc

NOT Questie-master\!Questie\!Questie.toc

NOT ANYBULLSHIT\!Questie\!Questie.toc

i can confirm its working on Nostalrius..

FFS how to disable this stupid quest tracking can even change positions half of screen with stupid quests list tracker -_- And why there is no TOGGLE QUESTIE BUTTON on my map?

I downloaded questie but i cant move the quests from the middle of my screen its locked there any help? Currently having this problem with Questie. Anyone knows what's going on?

kentynos download the file from here. i had similar problem and this fixed it

To move the quest tracker, hold CTRL+SHIFT and drag with left mouse.

How do you move your tracked quests the are on the top left on my portait right now?

Sorry just saw the comment of how to do it silly me =)


Heads up, do not download from the links on this page, find the latest version here:

i always get the message: !questi/libs/babble-zone-2.2/babble_zone_2.2.lua: 117: acelocate (babble-zone-2.2): can only accept true as a value on the base locate. "enUS" is the base locate, ANY IDEAS?!? pls halp



I can't seem to get it to show me any quests. The quest trackers are just empty gray boxes that I can left click and drag around the screen but there is no quest information in them.

very nice addon

look pretty good

randomly stopped working whit my main charachter ,tryed everything even quesite NUKE but whit the other charachter works perfectly fine but even reinstalled etc but nothing ,pls help!

this will not work at all for me. any help would be appreciated. the addon is in the addons folder but will not show up in the addons button at character screen.

Can this addon work in other expansions except vanilla?

Fucking went bonkers developers, addon used to work like a charm, now back 6 month after break, fuckin lag fiesta and constant ui reloading. Get gud idiots or leave alone, it used to work perfectly.

Your article is detailed, thanks to it I solved the problem I am entangled. I will regularly follow your writers and visit this site daily.

Hello, this is fabulous. In any case, the one thing I can't make sense of is the means by which to bolt or limit the custom quest tracker on the screen. I've been inadvertently hauling it off the screen at the time when endeavoring to move the camera around.

Also, Questie can be receiving regular updates again as soon as classic launches. I can ensure to keep matters updated and running and hopefully add some new features.

After a new update of Questie lots of changes in their features because I am an old user of Questie but this update is quite pretty much better than the previous one.

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Questie v1.0 is finally out.

thanks for putting this together! This is obviously one great post.

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can u please send, e a tutorial about Questie so i can easily understand how to manage Questie

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