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This add-on reproduces the bar switch that happens when a Rogue goes into Stealth but with Prowl. It does so by switching pages on the regular bars.

Currently is configured to switch from page 1 to page 2 when Prowl is activated. To modify your main page and the one to switch to, use /Prowler ingame to open the GUI.

- Keybinds for shifting into every form.
- Keybind for BestForm, shapeshift you to Travel or Aquatic form depending on if you are on land or swiming (Aquatic form only work when breath bar is showing).
- Keybind for shift into Cat and Prowl.
- Keybind for shift into Bear and Charge.
- Restore your last used action bar when switching out of Cat form or use your main bar always.

Sliders and Checkboxes:
There are many sliders and checkboxes when you open Prowler GUI. I will explain what's the meaning for each.

1) Main Bar Slider:
This slider allow you to choose which action bar will be your main action bar, where all your offensive/defensive/whatever spells you use normaly.

2) Prowl Bar Slider:
This one choose the bar that will be used when prowling, similar to rogues when the stealth and where all your openers are. Is recomendable to set it to a diferent bar than the main bar.

3) Cat Mode Slider:
This slider changes the behaviour of the "Cat & Prowl" keybind.

4) MoveAnything! fix Checkbox:
This one should be enabled only if you have modified your action bar using MoveAnything! addon. If not when shifting out of cat you wont be able to see your action bar.

5) Using Main AB / Using Prev AB Checkbox:
While uncheked, when shifting out of bear or cat, you will go back to your Main Action Bar (set on slider 1). If checked, the addon will remember your last used action bar and will return to that specific bar when shifting out of bear or cat.

6) Bear Only / Bear & Charge Checkbox:
This checkbox controls the behaviour for "Bear & Charge" keybind. When checked you can shift to bear and on a second press of the keybind use Feral Charge. If uncheked you will only shift to bear.

7) Prowler Enabled / Prowler Disabled:
As it name says enables or disables Prowler. Keybinds will still continue to work, but page changes when prowling and such won't happen.

8) Prowler Locked / Prowler Unlocked:
Lock/Unlock Prowler window. It's just a cosmetical feature I left from when I was learning how to make frames :P

Macro Functions:
- Shapeshift('form') - Will dismount and shift to the desired form. If you are in other form it will turn yourself to human and on a second press to the desired form.
- CurrentForm() - Search for the active form and return it's name, if there's no active form it returns Humanoid Form.
- SearchForm('form') - Return the position of the desired form on the shapeshift bar.

I've set some variables to help with the functions above, they are set to work with your client language.
- Bear = Bear form in english/french/german
- Cat = Cat form in english/french/german
- Aqua = Aquatic form in english/french/german
- Travel = Travel form in english/french/german
- Human = Humanoid Form (same for all 3 languages)

Macro example:
/script if (CurrentForm() ~= Human) then Shapeshift(Human) else Whatever() end
/script if (CurrentForm() ~= Bear) then Shapeshift(Bear) else DoOtherThing() end

As you can see those variables don't need to be quoted as they contain the name of the form depending on your client localization.

Also I've modified Deshift addon to work with Prowler instead of Swiftshift addon. It's included in this last version. It will react to some events and act acording to the situation, for example: Trying to Maul while in Cat Form will bring you to Human Form on a first press, to Bear Form in a second press and Maul on a third press.

IsMounted have been introduced as a requiered dependancie to work. It's suplied with the package.

Known Issues
- MoveAnything! fix might be laggy at times
- Some users might have problems with the bar changing feature, report it if its your case with feedback like client language, level, bar mods you use, etc, everything.

P.D. - I recived feedback about making Prowler use diferent ids on the Prowler Bar like other Bar mods do, but that's beyond my knowledge for now and also I don't have the time to do it. I'd recomend those users to try some mods the like of BibMod, CT_Barmod and some others. I'm sure those would fulfill your desires and more :P

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