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Move any UI frame anywhere


MoveAnything is an addon that allows you to ... well, move anything from those frames you have in your UI.

Slash Commands:

/move - toggles MA window
/move frameName - toggles moving of frame named "frameName"
/hide frameName - toggles visibility of frame named "frameName"
/mafe frameName - toggles a frame editor for frame named "frameName"
/unmove frameName - resets frame named "frameName"
/movelist - lists profiles
/moveimport profileName - import settings from profile into the current profile
/moveexport profileName - exports settings into named profile
/movedelete profileName - deletes named profile

It does not work on 1.21.1


i went to fart and did a little poo
it trinkled down my leg
and my chair wheel rolled over it
i cant get the /commands to work for this addon

Its saying this is out of date

you just have to go to the addon button and push the "load out of date" button

Yeah works great on nost v1.12.1 just had to load out of date addons. it even moves my addon ui things that aren't moveable

Cant move Mouseover Popup :(

Being out of date causes some issues.. Mostly it can be resolved by restarting the client, if not, go to your game directory\WTF\*user*\ and you find your settings for each mod. Delete the one called Moveanything.lua to reset all settings to normal.

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