WoW classic addon library



Modified version of classic power auras addon

Developed by Geigerkind -

Modified Power Auras is the advanced version of the AddOn Power Auras. It is a lot more powerful and provides every possible function that could be backported from cataclysm. Plus it provides some custom features that are very helpful.

What are the advantages of Modified Power Auras?
* Use Icons instead of symbols
* More performant
* Show stacks of auras
* Show double procs (Holy strength)
* Show enemy buffs and debuffs
* Show your buffs and debuffs
* Show cooldown on trinkets or abilities
* Customize your aura and its position on the whole screen
* Use a lot new conditions to show/hide auras
* Play a sound if a aura is applied or fades
* Have some nice animations
* Group them as they appear



You should get the current version. The Addon was rewritten since then and has improved a lot.

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