WoW classic addon library



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MetaMap_v11200-9.zip2.91 MB


This gives me an error when i try to load the main map by pressing the M key. Something about the y coordinate and LUA errors

It is like it can't see the addon or something, it is not working, when I click add-on (in game) then I can't see metamap


Also, you have to establish credibility. If the first few times you try to convey and idea but it is either bullshit or reads as bullshit, it will stay with you. You have to establish that the manager can trust that even if they don't 100% understand why something needs to break the way you are advising it should, that they can trust you on it.

In addition, you must build credibility. If you try to express and think for the first time, but it is either nonsense or read as nonsense, it will stay with you

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