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Modern clean unitframes/raidframes

Author: Aviana
Nostalrius thread:

Hello you might not know me :o but i would like a moment of your time to check out this new project i'm working on.

After trying out almost every option there is for vanilla i've come to the totally sane conclusion that i would write my own unitframes.

So here is what i have got so far:

This castbar hides itself when there is no cast going on.

Posted Image

We have a simple options screen (type /luf to open it).

Posted Image

Also pet with a healthbar that colors itself according to the mood your fluffy companion is in.

Posted Image

Party Pets that hide themselfs when they're not in visible range to prevent the private server related bug of showing incorrect information or generally bugging out.

Posted Image

XP Bar and you can reset instances via the right click menu if you are the party leader.

Posted Image

All bars are positionable in a custom order. You can make the portrait into a bar too or disable it.

Posted Image

Enemy castbars:

Posted Image

Predicts incoming heals on you, your target, party and raid (also shows other people if they have this addon):

Posted Image

You also need BonusScanner or else it won't factor in your bonus healing.

Additional features:

-Shows incoming resurrections from cast start till the accept window expires

-Range checker for the party and raid.

-Also the party hides itself in raids (If you want :o).

-Target of Target & ToToT

-Every frame is individually disable-able

-Buffs/Debuffs are placeable on all four sides of the frame

-Height/width & scale options for every frame

-Energy ticker

-Vertical or horizontal placement of party frames.

-Hunter pets show their happines on their healthbar by color (red, yellow and green)

-The fastest healthbars of all the raidframes out there (Actually blizzards are the same since its the same method of updating every frame but don't tell anyone)

-Free format raidframes.

-Raidframes show units with aggro by an indicator.

-Raidframes have indicators for debuffs (colored by school of magic) that show all dispellable or things YOU can dispel.

-Mouseover casting system: Use /lunamo or /lunamouseover followed by your spell of choice to make the macro behave like a normal spell button on your bar but when you are over a frame it casts on that target.


/script if nil then CastSpellByName("Greater Heal(Rang 1)") end
lunamo Greater Heal(Rang 1)

The first line in this macro doesn't do anything but bar addons that color your bar depending on if you have the mana for the spell will pick it up even though its a macro.

So give these humpers a spin and let me know if you encounter any bugs. If you get LUA errors please post something like a report from ImprovedErrorFrame and what you were doing.


You can follow the development / download the newest version at:

Also get BonusScanner if you are a healer to make the healing indicators more accurate.

And MobHealth3 if your Server doesn't show actual HP.


Q: After downloading your addon doesn't show up in the game.

A: Please remove the "-master" from the folder name.

Q: How do i open the configuration?

A: Try /luf /luna or /lunaunitframes

Q: Did that warlock just cast corruption? That mage is casting fireball while running! etc...

A: Those are limitations by the vanilla interface or design decisions by me.

Q: Can you add feature x?

A: Sure... when i feel like it :o You can always ask tho.

Q: Why isn't this finished yet?

A: Its just a fun project for me so unless someone pays me real money to work on it i will go at it with my own pace.

Q: Are you autistic?

A: *tips fedora*

Q: Can i have your babies, bury you in gold etc?

A: I'm glad you like my work. :o


A: Geez why can't people appreciate free stuff... No wonder we live in a world of day one DLCs ^_^



Don't download this use the newest version from

I just did try to install the new version. I deleted the old version from my addons folder then i downloaded from GitHub the new one and extracted it again in Addons folder. Now there is no Luna options nor UI. Author mentioned that you need to reset your settings... but i am confused how to do that.. and about what setting he is talking about.

Hi there
I couldn't find from where to disable the pictures. only the classic icon stuff. That the one? :D

Cant open menu tryed every command nothing works and nothing shows up on my minimap so useless

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