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for lazy people

author: ogrisch

AUTO SAVE - character's data after receiving rare/epic item, finishing bg
AUTO DISMOUNT - when casting spell or interacting with flightmaster(aq40 mounts included)
AUTO ENTER/LEAVE BATTLEGROUNDS - late entry, 2 seconds before confirm time expire
AUTO POSITION LOOT WINDOW - under the cursor when looting
AUTO ZG ROLL - on bijou, coins(avaliable 4 modes: off, pass, greed, need)
MUTE WORLD - mute /world channel in raid/dungeon/bg zones

ACTIVE ENHANCEMENTS(require shift modifier key press):
AUTO REPAIR/GREY SELL - press shift when merchant frame is open
BATTLEGROUND AUTOMATION - queue/enter/leave bg
REPEATABLE QUESTS AUTOCOMPLETE - quests like: AD(scourge stones, insignias), ZG(coins), BG(marks), Thorium Shells(read v1.7 changelog)
SHIFT SPLIT/MERGE - shift + right click will split/merge stacked items

AUTO ACCEPT INVITES - from guildmates/friends
AUTO ACCEPT SUMMON - late accept 2 seconds before confirm time expire
AUTO ACCEPT RESURECTION - instant accept(do not affect combat rez and ss)
EXTENDED CAMERA DISTANCE - increase max camera distance up to 50y

alt+ctrl+shift - logout
ctrl+shift - follow
alt+shift - inspect, click button: bid_auction
alt+ctrl - initiate/accept trade with other player, confirm pop-ups: group_invite/bg_entry/release_spirit/recover_corpse/summon etc etc, click button: send_mail/create_auction/buyout_auction

if trade/auction/mail window is active, right click on container item will drag and drop it into trade/auction_create/send_mail window

by typing /lp you can customize addon functionality (most of the functions can be toggled)

Addons with similar functionality you don't need anymore
- Auto Profit
- Ez Dismount
- Automaton
- Quick Loot
- Block Salation
- MailTo -> If you gonna use it anyways be aware that LazyPig features(Improved Right Click and Shift Split/Merge) may override addon functionality.



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