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Hagakure Cooldowns


Local File: 
Raid cooldown monitoring

Shows all available raid cooldowns and their status automatically (detects player specializations via combatlog).

This addon was backported from Cataclysm version to WotLK (3.3.5) by Zerf

Some notes:
* Spec detection works for most classes (didn't add all of them, only ones that had some meaningful raid cooldowns)
* Doesn't detect whether paladin actually specced into raid sacrifice / aura mastery (expects all palas to have raid sac and ret/holy to have aura mastery as well).

- fixed aura mastery CD



This addon was backported from Cataclysm version to WotLK by Zerf

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Mannoroth's Fury is never again a latent capacity Mannoroth's Fury currently has a length of 10 seconds with a 60-second cooldown.

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