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Author: Vallan

GridEnhanced is Grid but specifically maintained for 1.12. I changed the name so there is no confusion as to which version grid you're running. It is based on the original Grid backport that is available for 1.12. This is a beta and I wouldn't recommend using this for hardcore progression raiding until it's better tested.

Font Size adjustable

Beta 3 0.10
Frame Alpha indicator type Addon
Range re-enabled. Strictly as a status now.

Disabled Range Checking (till it's fixed)
Added option to display unit tooltips

Fixed re-sizing issue.

More efficient range detection

Fixed Debuff Icons
Added Corner Indicator size adjustment

Beta 2 (0.5)
Implemented Ogrisch's fixes for lua errors and other zones
Added horizontal Health Bar Option
Increased max number of player name letters to 8

Range Checking
​​Integrated with normal Grid Status options
Frames change opacity
Adjustable Opacity
Adjustable Interval
​Aggro Checking (Fixed)
Adjustable Frame Dimensions
Up to 8 letters for player names
Horizontal healthbar option
Adjustable Corner Inidcator sizes
Debuff Icons
Frame Alpha indicator type

Known Issues/Caveats
New menu options aren't localized.
Range Check is fixed at 28 yards
Requires Classic Mouseover 0.11 or above (If you're using Classic Mouseover)
Units far out of range units aren't updated well
You tell me



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