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Focus frame

Classic Focus is and Addon that allows you to set a focus. You can then cast directly on the focus or target the focus with a simple macro.

Created by Vallan on wow-one forums:

Setting your target as your focus.

Setting a name as your focus.
/focus Ragnaros

Clearing your focus

Casting on your focus
/fcast Heal

Targeting your focus

Known Caveats
This addon attempts to target your focus by name. If, for example, you set your focus to a trash mob and there are many of them with the same name it may not cast or target on the mob your expect.



In a shutdown opportunity that you have never used focus before, it is essentially a secondary target framework for monitoring the second unit, not the unit-centric presentation. Once the center is set up, you can use macros to cast spells at the focus .

On the off chance that you never used focus before, it's essentially an auxiliary target framework that monitors a second unit other than the presentation focused on the unit. Once a center is set, you can utilize macros to cast spells on the focus.

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