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ActionBar replacement mod

Bartender is a full ActionBar replacement mod. It provides you with all the features needed to fully customization most aspects of your action and related bars.




How do you set keybinds on this. Tried /kb and no workie?

How do you set keybinds on this. Tried /kb and no workie?



How can I get to my key ring? It doesn't show with this on.


How do u keybind? and why does Bar 6 Come on bar 1 when i press alt

How do you change the god damn keybinds on this?? already 3 of these questions are here yet 0 answer , ty for help ..........


butts and boobies

doesnt show xp bar

how do you get rid of the circles?

Key bindings are same as blizz bars, just hit escape, then select key bindings. You didn't get an answer before because it's just common sense.

Getting rid of circles is done in commands, like /bar circled toggleskin bar1(and each bar you want to turn the circles off of you have to retye ending in the appropriate bar.

how can i get my xp bar to show up? dosnt show it in the toolbar cant figure out how to get it to show up

A good action bar addon, although a bit hard to use. I recommended you also try Bongos and zBar (also on this site). You might find one of those to be a better fit for you.

I have a G13, but would like to be able to control the other bars as well. Does anyone know how well this works with the G13 addon?
Thanks for any info!

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I'm interested in gaming and here shared about Bartender game. It is a full ActionBar replacement mod and that provides features needed to fully customization most aspects of action and related bars. Thanks for this article.

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