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9 new buttons to set raid symbols/huntersmark, target by symbol and many other features.

How to Use:

Ctrl+Leftmouse on raid symbol button:
Set a raid symbol to your actual target, if the actual target has already the specified symbol, the symbol will be removed (works only if you are raid leader or raid officer or party leader)

Ctrl+Leftmouse on hunters mark button:
Set hunters mark to your actual target (works only if you are hunter of course)

Left mouse on raid symbol or hunters mark button:
Search for a mob with the specified symbol. BananaBar searches all raid or party members and their current targets for the specified symbol or hunters mark. If a unit is found that contains the specific symbol it will be targeted.
If no units are found an error sound is played.

Move the Buttons over the screen


- Only 1 hunters mark at the same time is supported, if there is more than 1 hunters mark is set the hunters mark button won’t work correctly

- If a hunters mark and a raid symbol are set on the same target only the raid symbol is shown.

Settings Dialog:

Settings dialog can be opened with one of the following commands


The /bb shortcut may not work for some users because “Breakable ButtonBar” is using the same command.

You can also open the configuration window via keyboard shortcut.

[X] Show buttons in raid

If checked the buttons are shown if you are in a raid group (40), if you are in a raid and the box is not checked the buttons will be hidden.

[X] Show buttons in party

If checked the buttons are shown if you are in a party (5), if you are in a party and the box is not checked the buttons will be hidden.

[X] Show buttons out of group

This box decides if the buttons should be shown if you are not in a group.

[X] Hide unused buttons

If checked buttons that have not target are always hidden. This setting is useful if you only wish to use buttons for targeting units and not assigning symbols by your self.

[Layout Combo Box]

Choose your preferred Button layout here.
The hunters mark button is a detached button in every setting, it is free moveable.


In this dialog you can change the size of the buttons.

[Reset defaults]

The complete settings dialog is reset to default values, also the button positions are reset to default positions. This button should help if something strange happened.
For example, use this button if there is a bug and the buttons are gone away.

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Carsten Jendro
Vahrenwalder Strasse 34
30165 Hannover, Germany



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I loved using this addon on pservers. Are there any plans to update it for Classic?

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