WoW classic addon library

Atlas Suite (Snelf's eddition)


Local File: 
Atlas-master.zip16.22 MB
Atlas, AtlasLoot and AtlasQuest backported for 1.12 from the TBC versions

Developed by Snelf on wow-one forums:

Atlas 1.12
AtlasLoot 4.06.05
AtlasQuest 4.1.2




doesnt show loot at all
on nostalrius

billy, the addon works on Nostalrius.
You should unpack, copy the folders contained in the unpacked folders in Interface/Addon and then active addons before entering in game


I tried everything but addon is not working , someone can help me ?

dude you're a life saver been looking for proper version of atlas to get my atlas quest to work thxs man ^^

I can't seem to get this working. I extracted the files to my addon folder with my others but it doesn't show at all. Any ideas?

Nevermind, I figured it out :) When I extracted the files they were all in one folder Atlas-Master. I had to move the 3 folders from that into the addons folder. Awesome addon guys, thanks!


i have done what was suggested, copied those files, but in the game a got several error messages.
any ideas?


If you want to use "vQueue" along with this version of Atlas Loot, you need to use this fork:

If you dont know what vQueue is, you need to check it out here:

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