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Automated use of many actions

AsmoMOD can automatically use the PvP Trinket or any other break ability if you lose
control of your char, keep track of your HoTs and automatically use swiftmend as a
druid, has easy to use mana conversation by cancelling spells, and a plethora of other
features designed to make your life smoother...

-==AsmoMOD Features==-

:::Auto breaks:::

- Automatically break ALL impairing effects if you have the appropriate PvP
Trinket/Ability (Works for fear/stun/charm/sleep/immobilization/slow), it will
use berseker rage, then WotF, then PvP trinket in order, depending on availability.
Gnomes will use escape artist for slows and roots and Dwarves will use Stoneform to
get rid of crippling poison.

:::Swiftmend options:::

- Swiftmend Monitor consists of 5 casting bars keeping track of your last 5 HoTs.
They provide the type of HoT, time remaining on it and name/percentage of health
of your target. Clicking one of these bars allows you to cast swiftmend on that
person without losing your target.

- Swiftmend auto-cast on two separate tresholds:
-- Conservation: will cast swiftmend on a monitored party member if health is
below a certain percentage at the end of the HoT.
-- Emergency: will cast swiftmend on a monitored party member regardless of time
left on HoT, if target drops under a set percentage.

:::Mana conservation:::

- Mana Conservation by cancelling healing spells if your target's health is
above a set percentage (See commmands for more detail).

:::Lazy features::: (They're the best!)

- Automatically repair all gear in inventory when you talk to a merchant.

- Automatically join groups when invited.

- Automatically join battlegrounds when the box pops up.

- Automatically release in battlegrounds to speed up ress time.

- Automatically accept resurrects.

- Automatically accept summons.

N.B. BG queues, resurrections and summons have a delay timer available.

- Automatically cast find herbs/minerals so that it is always on you.

- Reset groups with the push of a button.

- Automatically use Riposte if you are a rogue.

- Automatically use Execute if you are a warrior.

- Automatically use Overpower if you are a warrior (And in the correct stance to use it).

- Automatically use Counterattack if you are a hunter.

- Automatically use NS heals or NS chain lightning at the push of a button.

N.B. If you were targeting nothing or an enemy NSheal heals you,
or if you are targeting an ally it heals them. It then targets
whatever you were targeting before you used the function, and if
what you were targeting died, the nearest enemy.

- Automatically use Feign Death + Trap in easy slashcommand form.

- Automatically cast NS heal on yourself if your health drops below a set percentage.

- UI Menu so that each feature can be turned on and off individually (Accessible by a
minimap button or /asmo).

- To open the menu simply type /asmo or click the minimap button (movable by click and drag).

- To toggle the minimap button simply type /asmomap or click the checkbox at the top right
of the options menu.

- To use NS-heal simply make a macro that says /nsheal. Just put it on your hotbar and
click/press it to execute.

- To use NS-lightning simply make a macro that says /nslight. Just put it on your hotbar
and click/press it to execute.

- To use feign+trap simply make a macro that says /feigntrap. Just put it on your hotbar
and click/press it to execute.

- Mana Conserve works the same way all the other automatic functions do, you push any key
on the hotbar to execute its check. So if you are spamming a heal button on your target,
and the target's health drops below a set percentage, it cancels the spell. This is done
automatically if the feature is enabled. Please note that this STILL allows you to
pre-heal, because if you do not push the healing button a second time after the initial
cast then the spell will not be cancelled. - Swiftmend Conserve works only in the last 3
seconds of the HoT's duration. So you cast a rejuvenation on player X, it and it has less
than 3 seconds before it expires, if his health is below a preset percentage (Say 20%),
then any of the automatic triggers will cause you to target player X and cast swiftmend
on him, then target whatever you were targeting.

*NOTE: For any automatic feature that casts a spell (Auto-Break, Swiftmend Functions,
Mana Conserve, etc.) you must push/click ANY key on any of your hotbars, zoom in or
out, or switch targets for them to execute.

- Thank you Purecannibal for the nice minimap icon.
- Thank you Samsagaz, Shekorai, and Nevilia for helping me bugtest the Swiftmend functions.
- Thank you Azreell for the auto-swiftmend idea.

© Zerf