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AddOn development framework

[b]Current Version: 2.0.$Revision: 10447 $ Release Candidate 2[/b]

Ace2 is an embeddable framework for rapid mod development.

[*]100% embeddable. An Ace2 addon should never require Ace2 as a dependency.
[*]Provides the following modules:[list]
[*][b]Ace00[/b] - Provides a fully functional object oriented framework. - [b][url=]Documentation[/url][/b]
[*][b]AceLibrary[/b] - A global versioning library to handle other library instances, upgrading, and access. - [b][url=]Documentation[/url][/b]
[*][b]AceEvent[/b] - A mixin to allow for centralized event handling. Also allows for custom psudo-events. - [b][url=]Documentation[/url][/b]
[*][b]AceHook[/b] - A mixin to allow for safe hooking of functions, methods, and scripts. - [b][url=]Documentation[/url][/b]
[*][b]AceDB[/b] - A mixin to allow for fast, clean, and feature filled saved variable access along with customizable profiles. - [b][url=]Documentation[/url][/b]
[*][b]AceDebug[/b] - A mixin to allow for simple debugging capabilities. - [b][url=]Documentation[/url][/b]
[*][b]AceLocale[/b] - A localization library for addons to use to handle proper localization and internationalization. - [b][url=]Documentation[/url][/b]
[*][b]AceConsole[/b] - A mixin to allow for chatline input/output capabilities. - [b][url=]Documentation[/url][/b]
[*][b]AceAddon[/b] - A basis for addons to use that can accept mixins and handles initialization events. - [b][url=]Documentation[/url][/b]
[*][b]AceModuleCore[/b] - A mixin to provide a simple modularization framework. - [b][url=]Documentation[/url][/b]

[b]A Couple of Notes:[/b]
[*]Pretty much this file is for developers to use. End users can run it if they wish. However by itself it doesn't do much.
[*]Ace2 will not work as a dependency for Ace 1.x based addons, however they can work side by side very well.

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